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Faster, Higher, Stronger? An Olympic City Reimagines Its Future

Shunya Yoshimi speaks about twentieth-century Tokyo’s galvanic transformation from war ruin to booming consumer capital—and about what lies ahead for the Japanese metropolis.
Shunya Yoshimi interviewed by Mohsen Mostafavi
  • 1.

    The Japanese book title: Toshi no Dramaturgy (Tokyo: Kobundo, 1987).

  • 2.

    Shunya Yoshimi, Gorin to sengo [The Olympics and Postwar Japan—Tokyo Olympics as Performances] (Tokyo: Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2020).

  • Shunya Yoshimi is professor of sociology, cultural studies, and media studies at the University of Tokyo. Since his influential book Toshi no dramaturgy [Dramaturgy in the City] (Tokyo: Kobundo, 1987), Yoshimi has been writing extensively on urban culture, media culture, information technology, the emperor system, and Americanization. Currently, he is actively engaged in revitalizing Tokyo’s central northeast area as the executive chairman of the Tokyo Cultural Resources Alliance.