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Taking Action for a Super-Elderly Society

Gerontologist Hiroko Akiyama and her colleagues conduct socially engaged, multidisciplinary, action-oriented research for Japan's super-aging society. Here, she shares an ongoing case from Kashiwa, a city in the outskirts of Tokyo with a high percentage of elderly residents.
Hiroko Akiyama interviewed by with Mohsen Mostafavi
The transcript of the interview with Hiroko Akiyama will be posted shortly.
  • Hiroko Akiyama is a gerontologist and specially appointed professor at the Institute of Gerontology (IOG) at the University of Tokyo. After a long academic career in the US, Akiyama returned to Japan in 2006 and subsequently joined the Institute as its first director. Currently, her research involves social experiments in redesigning communities to meet the needs of a super-elderly society.