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Essential thought in Japanese publications made available in English for the first time


Japanese Urban Space

By Toshi-Dezain Kenkyutai
Japanese Urban Space

Chapter II: Principles of Spatial Order

Japan Story is proud to present parts of the legendary book on Japanese urban space, Nihon no toshi-kukan, in English translation for the first time since its 1968 publication. We have chosen those chapters that illuminate the thinking behind and the values characteristic of Japanese space, addressing spatial formation, techniques, and the effects found in various urban settlements.
Japanese Urban Space

Chapter III: Methods of Spatial Composition

1963. As the ground of Tokyo was being dug up and built over in preparation for the Olympics, a group of students and young scholars – Toshi-dezain kenkyutai – were delving into what this upgrading operation might be erasing: typologies of urban space indigenous to Japan.