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対話 ● In Conversation

Mohsen Mostafavi discusses contemporary urbanism with experts in diverse disciplines


Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban on His Refugee Relief Actions

No sooner did the architect see the crisis of Ukrainian refugees than he set off for Chelm, Poland, to organize a team for building refugee shelters in that city as well as in Lviv, Ukraine. The action quickly spread to several other locations in Europe. Ban tells us why his system is needed for disaster relief, and more.
Kengo Kuma

A New Agenda for Architecture

As an architect in high demand, Kengo Kuma is expanding the profession’s role in large-scale developments in Tokyo. He shares his vision of architecture and distinguishes his work, whether in Tokyo or a small regional town, from that of his predecessors.
Moshe Safdie

Collective Habitation, Reinvented

The architect of Habitat 67 shares the story behind his iconic work and affirms the need for buildings that enhance connectivity and enliven the public realm.
Shunya Yoshimi

Faster, Higher, Stronger? An Olympic City Reimagines Its Future

Shunya Yoshimi speaks about twentieth-century Tokyo’s galvanic transformation from war ruin to booming consumer capital—and about what lies ahead for the Japanese metropolis.
Yukio Lippit

Japanese Cities: Imagined and Unimagined

An art and architectural historian analyzes the role of castles in Japanese cities today and the continuing power of visual representations of urban culture since Edo.
Kumiko Inui

Kumiko Inui on Learning from Anonymously Generated Spaces

One of the leading young architects in Japan today, Inui tells us how she is learning from small, spontaneously made spaces as she designs socially engaged architecture for regional cities.
Itsuko Hasegawa

My New Challenges in Pursuing the Architect’s Mission

A pioneer of participatory design, Itsuko Hasegawa engages with her own educational programs to catalyze a countermove against an urbanization that increasingly marginalizes small architectural firms.
Fumihiko Maki

Small Is the Key: Fumihiko Maki on the Urbanism of Tokyo

The architect of the successful Hillside Terrace explains why it’s difficult for Tokyo developers to follow that model.
Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito’s Counterproposal for Urban Development

The architect reflects on how his interaction with the city has changed since the bubble era and envisions an alternative urban design for Tokyo as a “place for all.”
Hiroko Akiyama

Taking Action for a Super-Elderly Society

Gerontologist Hiroko Akiyama and her colleagues conduct socially engaged, multidisciplinary, action-oriented research for Japan's super-aging society. Here, she shares an ongoing case from Kashiwa, a city in the outskirts of Tokyo with a high percentage of elderly residents.