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視点 ● Perspectives

Innovative thoughts on urbanism and the urban condition today


Yoshinori Hiroi

Designing for an Aging, Depopulating Society

Political scientist and philosopher Yoshinori Hiroi sees the shrinking and aging of Japan as an opportunity to redefine and reform its cities. Social ties around the elderly and children, or the “community-oriented population,” will be the key to this reformation.
Kumiko Inui

Crucial Changes Sprouting in Regional Cities

As a result of her deep engagement in the regeneration of regional cities, architect Kumiko Inui has come to recognize new hints toward a solution for the urban dilemmas that appear unsolvable in a metropolis like Tokyo.
Yoshikazu Nango

Solitude as a Hinge

Sociologist Yoshikazu Nango takes a close look at the proliferation of personal spaces in large cities. For Nango, the solution to this common social challenge may be found at its roots, in Japanese cultural tradition.